Iwi Liaison Team

Iwi had to politically lobby to be recognised and included in the decision making process for the protection and restoration of our taiao (environment) and our taonga (treasures).

An Iwi Liaison Team was set up within the Incident Command Centre (ICC) to ensure that Māori concerns were dealt with appropriately.

The principles that guided tangata whenua through this process were:

  • Mana Atua
  • Mana Tupuna
  • Mana Tangata
  • Mana Whenua
  • Mana Moana

Rena Long-term Environmental Plan

To transition from an emergency response phase to a long-term planning and recovery phase the Rena Long Term Environmental Recovery Plan (LTERP) was produced. This pooled together the best skills and knowledge across central, regional, and local government, iwi, and scientific and research organisations.

The Rena LTERP describes the environmental issues and outlines the actions in place to address them. The main goal of the plan was to “Restore the mauri of the affected environment to its pre-Rena state”.